Hotels and Events

Allow VPA to be an ambassador of your hotel leaving your guests with an unforgettable first and last impression. This will make your facility stand out among the competition. Whether you are planning a wedding or a night on the town, Valet Park is available for all of your special event and private charter needs. We invite you to experience our commitment to quality. Our comfortable, efficient multi-passenger vans and ‘mini’ buses can accommodate between 14 – 25 passengers. Leave the driving to us, call today to learn more about our Private Charter & Transportation Services.

Casinos & Restaurants

Whether you operate a casino, restaurant, or are organizing a special event, Valet Park will work in tandem with your customer service efforts. We are committed to upholding your values and ours that will leave each one of your guests with a positive customer experience.

Shuttle Service

When corporate visitors or employees need a comfortable, efficient way to get from one corporate location to another, Valet Park’s shuttle service transports them safely and efficiently between destinations. For Colleges, Universities & Institutions that have multiple campus locations and need to provide comfortable transportation between locations, VPA has custom solutions for you. Improve the campus experience for everyone with shuttle service for offsite parking, student organizations, athletics, airport, field trips, commencement ceremonies, special events and fundraising programs.


A Positive Prescription for Hospital Parking. Have you ever happened to overhear conversations of visitors or patients as they arrive at your hospital? “I drove around for 15 minutes before I found anything.” Do your doctors have to listen to complaints about parking? “I was late for my appointment; it took so long to park.” The stories have variations, but the basic problem is universal…hospital parking needs a better diagnosis. Give your hospital visitors the warm, stress-free experience they deserve, with a gentle staff that will eliminate unnecessary stress outside of the building, establishing the start of efficient movement on the inside.